Sunday, March 28, 2010

16 months old today!

Just a quick update on our little Alaina who turned 16 months old today. She is now RUNNING around the house and CLIMBING on everything. Nothing is safe anymore -- not even our laptop which we had successfully always kept out of her reach. Her new thing now is playing with the keyboard and mouse. She likes to put her hat on her head and then wave at us and say "Bye Bye." She also tries very hard to put her shoes on but still can't quite get this but I'm sure she'll figure it out soon.

The big news is that she fed herself with a fork for the very first time tonight! We were so proud of her! She stabbed her chicken and green beans with her fork and then fed herself! Rob and I clapped for her, of course, and told her "Good Job!" She's growing up so quickly.

Happy Spring!

Spring has arrived in mid-Maryland and we are loving every minute of it. After the snowiest winter on record, you'd better believe that we are loving every minute of our warmer temperatures and beautiful flowers. The sight of the trees budding and the daffofils and hyacinths blooming in the yard is so refreshing!

Rob's family came up to visit last weekend and we went antiquing in downtown Frederick and then enjoyed dinner at the Dutch's Daughter. Everyone had a really nice time hanging out and spending time together. I really think Alaina had a good playing with her Granddaddy, Granny and Aunt Ashli.

Then last Sunday, Rob and I took Alaina to Baker Park and had a good time on the playground and walking around the park. Alaina just LOVES the swings and was full of giggles!