Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

This past Sunday was Father's Day and Alaina got to spend the day with her Daddy and BawBaw. We went to the pool in the afternoon and had a nice time swimming -- in the 90° heat the pool water felt so refreshing! Daddy and BawBaw received tickets to the Phillies / Nationals game on August 1st and they are looking forward to a little male bonding at the ballpark. BawBaw is convinced the Phillies will lose that day but maybe they'll be out of their slump by then and will beat the Nats. Maybe Rob will luck out and get to see Strasburg pitch?

Summa, Summa, Summatime!

Happy First Day of Summer! Let the fun-filled days at the pool in the warm sunshine begin!

Shushybye Concert!

Everyone who knows Alaina well knows that her favorite TV show is "Shushybye Baby" on BabyFirstTV. (Video of Alaina dancing to Shushybye Baby - April 2010) She could be in the worst funk and as soon as she hears "Good Evening..." from Dozie, Snoozles or Zeez, she becomes all smiles, starts clapping her hands and dancing. Rob and I love dancing with her to the Shushybye songs; it has created for us many priceless memories.

So imagine my utter delight when I visited the Shusybye website last month and saw that Michael North and the Shushies were going on tour this summer and their first stop was at Jammin Java in Vienna, VA! Rob and I decided right away that we would reschedule our current plans so that we could take Alaina to the concert. What a wondrous time we had! Alaina was a bit overwhelmed by everything and didn't dance on her own with the Shushies once the concert started, but we all had a good time dancing together in the audience.

Michael and the Shushies ended the concert by singing their theme song and he sang the second verse directly to Alaina. It was so sweet! We hope that the Shushies come back to DC next year so that we can take Alaina to see her favorite characters again. What wonderful memories!