Tuesday, July 27, 2010

20 months old today

It's hard to believe that Alaina is 20 months old today; only 4 months to go before the Big #2. Our little baby is now an energetic toddler with her own personality who loves to talk, run, jump, climb, dance, play, and give kisses & hugs. It's simply amazing being a parent and we feel so blessed to have her in our lives. We love you, Alaina! May God continue to bless you as you grow into a beautiful child.

New furniture

Rob and I have begun replacing our hand-me-down furniture with brand new furniture. As is typical with many newly married couples (and new homeowners), our house had been furnished with used pieces that were given to us by various family members. Well, we've been married for 5 years and have been homeowners for just as long and we figured it was high time to begin upgrading our furniture.
The bedroom: Our bedroom had been furnished with my late aunt's dresser, two telephone tables we used as night stands, my late grandfather's chest of drawers and my in-law's armoire. We had no headboard and footboard. We ended up buying a new bedroom suite from Wolfe Furniture. We selected the Livingston collection by Broyhill and absolutely love it! We purchased a headboard, footboard, siderails, dresser, and night stand. We decided to keep our armoire and my grandfather's chest of drawers due to our affinity for those two pieces.

The living room: Our living room was furnished with a hand-me-down sofa and loveseat we got from Rob's parents, my late grandmother's coffee table and end table, my late grandfather's corner victrola table, and Rob's old dresser that we were using as our china buffet. This year we removed Rob's old dresser and replaced it with a cherry buffet that we found at a furniture store outside of Baltimore and we also replaced the corner victrola table with a cherry curio cabinet. We plan to shop for a sectional sofa, coffee table, and end table down the road.
The piano room: Our current piano is a hand-me-down from a widower at my former church. We have recently come into possession of my late grandfather's upright piano so we have given our friends our old piano. Only problem is that my late grandfather's piano has been painted white and doesn't look right in a room full of cherry wood so we will be painting the piano a dark cherry brown so that it matches the rest of the furniture. The piano room is going to be completely overhauled and most likely also made into a partial playroom for Alaina. More on this to come after I figure out what in the heck to do with it. :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


On July 1st we made our annual trek to Wells, Maine to visit Rob's parents. We drove all night so Alaina would sleep through the majority of the car ride and it worked out quite well; she was awake for only 1 hour of the 9 hour drive. We didn't do the typical toursity things this year (no shopping in Kennebunkport, no walk along Marginal Way, no touring Ogunquit) but we did go to the beach twice and we also visited the Trolley Museum. That was fun! What wasn't so much fun was having to take a ride in a ca. 1950's Philadelphia city bus instead of an open-air trolley. Oh well, Alaina still had a good time!
Rob, Alaina and I also made it a point to visit the Maine Diner for breakfast that Friday morning and it was delicious. Unfortunately, Alaina started throwing a fit so we weren't able to finish our meals. Oh the joys of having a toddler who has already started her Terrible Two's.

We visited the beach on Sunday and Monday and while the water was a COLD 57°, Rob got right in. He is so crazy! Alaina got in up to her waist and I only got in up to my shins. My feet actually ached from the cold water temperature. Here are some pictures of Alaina at the beach in Ogunquit: