Monday, April 2, 2012

Brady's 1st Birthday

Our little BradyBear turned one on March 19th!  I cannot believe that my little baby is already a one-year-old toddler. It just doesn't seem possible.

It was definitely a bittersweet day because, unlike with Alaina, all of Brady's firsts are also my lasts. This was the last time I would ever be able to plan a 1st Birthday party, the last time my child would try cake for the first time, etc.  I've had that bittersweet feeling many times during Brady's first year: witnessing his first rolling over, his first sitting up, his first crawl, his first tooth, his first step.  The last of the firsts.  I know all mothers go through this at some point when they realize they will have no more children.  Oh sure I'll get to experience many new firsts with Brady -- his first day of school, his first movie, his first ballgame -- but my little baby is growing up and it's bittersweet that the baby firsts have passed us by.

We celebrated Brady's special day by having a party for him on St. Patrick's Day at our home.  We had a total of 35 people at the party which included my parents, Rob's parents, my sister and her family, Rob's brother and sister-in-law, 11 friends of ours, and 14 children.  It was a happening party to say the least!  Luckily the weather was sunny and 80° so we were able to open the doors & windows and our guests could hang out on the deck.

Brady & MeMa at his birthday party

Brady at his birthday party
I spent the days prior to the party making 35 chocolate and vanilla lollipops I sent home with the guests as party favors.  I must say I think they turned out fantastic! 
The lollipops I made for his party

I also baked Brady's 1st Birthday cake and also 36 cupcakes for the party.  As much as I love cake and my homemade buttercream icing, I was so over it by the time the party had arrived, that I didn't even really want one.  Ha!

Brady's cake!

On the day of his actual 1st birthday, Rob and I took the day off work so that we could spend the day as a family.  We had a quiet morning which involved taking the kids out to breakfast and then we all went to Pinecliff Park. Ha!  Pinecliff is Alaina's new favorite park because the ice skating pond behind the toddler's playground is full of frogs (thus why she calls it the 'frog park').  After we were finished playing at the park it was time to head home for lunch and then it was naptime -- for the kids, not for us.  After the kids' naps we watched Brady open his gifts and the kids had a good time playing with his new toys.  It was a good day.
Our family on Brady's 1st Birthday

All smiles on his 1st Birthday

Getting ready for Alaina to blow out Brady's candle
Brady on his 1st Birthday
 Brady received many wonderful gifts from his family & friends
  • savings bond
  • washable "My First" crayons
  • Shake & Go Thomas the Train
  • Lobster short outfit
  • Nationals onesie
  • Plaid baseball glove short outfit from Gymboree
  • Cars & Trucks book
  • Plaid doggy short outfit from Crazy8
  • Fisher-Price Learning Workbench
  • Fisher-Price Construction playset
  • Fisher-Price remote control car
  • Football jammies
  • washable tub crayons
  • Potty book for little boys
  • Fisher-Price Little People Fire Truck Build n' Drive
  • Thomas the Train's Percy
  • 3 activity books (Fisher-Price, workbench with tools, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse seek n' find)
  • Fisher-Price Little People Garage
  • Grey & Orange towtruck outfit
  • Khaki pants & blue plaid collared shirt
  • Swim trunks & swim shirt
  • Superman jammies
  • Fisher-Price ABC Train
  • Rubber squeaky blocks
  • Bright Starts tablet "computer"
  • Fisher-Price activity puzzle
  • LeapFrog Magnetic Fridge Farm
  • stuffed animal from Florida (turtle)
  • $50
  • Carter's baseball onesie
  • Carter's dinosaur blue & white shirt; grey pants
  • red & yellow plaid short overalls & yellow shirt
  • red & white "Slugger" baseball outfit with hat
  • red & white check "Little League" overalls
  • green t-shirt & blue jeans
  • blue & green octopus shirt; striped pants
  • #36 monkey blue & green summer outfit
  • Disney Cars activity racer (ride on car)

Dad's 70th Birthday

My father reached a very important milestone on March 1st:  he turned 70!  This was a big deal for my dad because he convinced himself years ago that he would never live to see the day.  His father passed away at age 65 so Dad thought he was destined to the same fate.  Luckily my father is still alive and kicking at 70 years-young. 

For such an important milestone Rob & I decided to go all out and get the two of them seats in the Homerun Box to see the Phillies vs. the Nationals on Saturday, May 5th.  I can't wait to hear all about the game!

Wishing you many more happy years, Daddy!

Valentine's Day Confessions... in April

Confession #1:  My blogging has taken a backseat to my life.  What can I say?  Life with a full time job, lengthy commute, two kids, a husband, pets, and housework is time consuming and by the time 8:30 PM arrives and the kiddos are nestled all snug in their beds, the last thing I want to do is sit down at the computer and blog.  Which is why today is April 2nd and I'm just now blogging about something that happened almost 2 months ago.

Confession #2I love Valentine's Day!!  WARNING:  If you're a hater who thinks it's only a Hallmark holiday then this post isn't for you.  I would be doing a HUGE injustice to my husband if I just glossed over this past Valentine's Day and went to talk about preparing for Easter.
Rob really went all out for Valentine's Day this year.  In the weeks and days leading up to February 14th, I hinted that I would really like flowers delivered to my office since last year he didn't do this (mind you, last year on Valentine's Day I was 9 months pregnant with his son).  He did have a bouquet waiting for me at home but all the ladies can agree that having them sent to the office so that your female co-workers can see how much your husband adores you is ideal.  High maintenance?  Perhaps. 
Valentine's Day was a Tuesday this year and around 11:15 AM the phone rang in my office.  It was Rob.  He said, "Not to ruin your surprise by the flower delivery guy just called me.  He's in the circle out front and isn't sure where to take your flowers.  Would you come down and get them please?"  I got irritated that the delivery guy wasn't sharp enough to figure out to take the flowers to the reception desk in the lobby but went down anyway.  As soon as I got into the lobby I looked outside but didn't see a delivery vehicle.  I looked down to the left and thought I saw a gray Saab SUV and said, "That looks like Rob's car."  Sure enough it was!  He had driven to IDA to hand-deliver my flowers!!  I should point out at this point that this was no small feat.  I don't live right next to work.  No no.  I work 54 miles from home.  That's right.  My awesome hubby drove 108 miles round trip to hand-deliver my flowers to me!!!!!  I am so loved! 
I gave Rob a big hug & kiss and he opened up the passenger door and I found 6 chocolate dipped strawberries from Wegman's.  Yum!  I asked him to park the car and come inside.  He had dressed up so he agreed.  I brought him inside and up to the 8th floor where we chatted with my co-workers before lunching in the IDA Cafe. 
Confession #3:  I hate red roses.  I don't think I always have but my disdain towards red roses has grown in the past several years.  Too cliche I suppose.  So Rob hit it out of the park this year by getting me a beautifully modern boquet of wild flowers:

The bouquet and strawberries from Rob
 Confession #4: Rob & I had originally planned to go to Bonefish for a romantic dinner but Alaina also loves Valentine's Day and we thought we would've been pretty crappy parents if we left her at home with a sitter on such a special night so we opted for Plan B.  Plan B was to get takeout from Bonefish and eat dinner as a family at home.  I went all out when decorating the kitchen:  red taper candles, Valentine's tablecloth, plates, cups, and cookies.  I even made Valentine's lollipops for the kids' daycare party and an two left over to use as our centerpiece. Of course the kids also got a little something as their Valentine's gift from Mommy & Daddy.  
our Valentine's Day table at home
It was a wonderfully fantastic day and won't be soon duplicated.