Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Alaina's 4th Birthday

It's hard to believe but Alaina turned 4 last week. 4!  Seems like just yesterday when I was in the hospital holding this 8lb, 10oz baby girl in my arms and now she's a beautiful, intelligent, hilarious, energetic preschooler.  I cherish every moment with her but I wish that time would slow down.

Due to being born at Thanksgiving time we've always had to spread her birthday celebration over a span of about 10 days.  This year was no different.  I suppose you can call it Alaina's Birth Week instead of birthday?  She's not going to be feel entitled AT ALL when she gets older.

Alaina's "friends" party was on Saturday, November 17th at Chuck E Cheese's (per her request).  She absolutely LOVES it there and gets excited every time we drive by it.  We did things a bit differently this year, though, because she's old enough now to have her own friends.  We didn't necessarily invite friends of mine and their children as much as we invited playmates of Alaina (though admittedly, her playmates' parents are all friends of the family).  Nine children celebrated with Alaina this year:
  • Brady
  • Sophia Bostian
  • Sebastian Duthoy
  • Emma & Mady Lawver
  • Riley & Taylor MacDonald
  • Catherine Waskey
  • Rory Wilson
The kids had a great time at Chuck E Cheese's.  They played games, ate pizza and cupcakes, and danced in the show.  Alaina is already asking to go back next year (though I'm hoping she might opt for a bowling party).  Here are some pictures from Alaina's party at Chuck E Cheese's:

On November 24th we had Alaina's "family" party at our home.  Alaina's parents, brother, Meme and BawBaw, Uncle Jeffrey, Aunt Michelle, Ryan, and Uncle JB were there to celebrate with her. Later that afternoon, Aunt Cindy, Lauren & Andrew came over to celebrate with us.  Alaina chose to have a Barbie cake this year.  We had a great time!

Then finally, it was Wednesday, November 28th.  Alaina's 4th Birthday. Officially.  Alaina's preschool teacher scheduled Alaina to be Star of the Day on her birthday so I provided cupcakes for her class.  Alaina brought her new Angelina Ballerina stuffed animal (see picture above) with her for Show and Tell.  At snack time, Alaina got to wear a birthday crown and her class sang to her:

After school was over, we went home and had lunch with Daddy and Brady and ate cupcakes from Wegman's.  It was a great day!  Thus ends Alaina's Birth Week Celebration till next year.  :)

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